Should You Be Worried About Low Wage Growth?

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There’s no question that we have a healthy economy right now. At the time of this writing, the unemployment rate is at 4.4% and there are millions of job openings across the country. However, there’s one thing that isn’t pointing in the right direction, and that is the average hourly earnings of the American workers. […]

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How Does the Economic Cycle Work?

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Before you can understand the economic cycle you have to understand the economy.   Put simply, an economy is the sum of its transactions. Every transaction requires two elements – a buyer and a seller. And each element must meet a two-part test: (1) Willingness (the desire to enter a transaction) and Ability (the means to […]

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What is a Lagging Economic Indicator? Why Should I Care?

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A lagging economic indicator is a metric that changes after the economy shifts. Therefore, these indicators, unlike the leading indicators we mentioned last week, aren’t going to tell you where the economy is heading, but instead will serve as a confirmation of prior predictions. Below are just a  few of the more popular lagging indicators that […]

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