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What is Estate Planning?


Estate Planning is about protecting your family's financial future. Whether you are single, married or divorced - your Estate Plan will consist of the legal documents required to streamline the transition of the wealth that you've created over your lifetime to those who you care about the most.


An Estate Plan generally consists of four documents:


      1. 1. Will
      2. 2. Health Care Proxy
      3. 3. Durable Power of Attorney
      4. 4. Revocable Living Trust


With these Estate Planning documents in place, you can rest easy knowing that everything will be taken care of if something were to happen to you. You can help your family avoid unnecessary delays, taxes, legal fees and administrative expenses; and you can make sure the right things go to the right people at the right time.


Ready to get started? Don't wait a minute longer - Call us at (781) 202 - 6368 to schedule your Free Estate Planning meeting today!



Free Revocable Living Trust Guide

Revocable Living Trust Guide


Perennial Trust's Revocable Living Trust Guide will teach you the basics of (1) what a revocable living trust is, (2) how this type of trust can benefit your family, and (3) provide examples of common trust structures to help you better understand how a trust can be customized to your family's specific situation.


This guide has been written in simple terms to give you highly relevant information in a concise format. Estimated reading time is less than 5 minutes.


To receive your free Revocable Living Trust Guide, please enter your email below and then select "Get Your Free Guide."

Meet Attorney Joseph Lento



My name is Joseph Lento and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have about estate planning. Whether you are looking for a simple estate plan consisting of a Will, Health Care Proxy, and Durable Power of Attorney, or a more complex plan with various Living Trusts in place, I can help you identify and resolve any estate planning concerns you may have.


The fact that you are reading this shows you understand the importance of planning ahead in order to take care of your family so don't wait a minute longer - give me a call  at (781) 202-6368 or email me directly at jlento@perennialtrust.com to get started today!


Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


I was searching for an Attorney to assist with my mother's Estate Planning when I came across Joe's name recommended in a Facebook post on a local page. I had already met with 3 other Attorney's but each left me overloaded with legal jargon, an astronomical cost estimate, concern that they were not providing the best advice based on our circumstances, and/or the clear impression they were very busy and didn't have time to educate and explain the process as well as complete our documents. From my 1st outreach to Mr Lento he was very personable, easy to talk to, took the time to explain all options in detail to us and the caveats of each, offered us guidance as well as shared his recommendations as to how we should handle each part of the Estate Planning. I knew right from that phone call that he was the right Attorney for us. He was then quick to respond to all the questions I emailed him. He was very accommodating of my mother who lives an hour away and isn't savvy with email so instead took the time to speak with her over the phone as well. The COVID restrictions had started just as we started our process but he made sure everyone's safety was a priority so we had to delay our signing with witnesses until it was safe to do so. When that time came we all were in masks wore, had our own pens, sat distanced, we again given the opportunity to ask more questions and in and out in under 30 minutes. I'm 100% confidential we received significantly better and more valuable service than we would've from any of the other Attorneys and ended up paying 1/3 of what others were trying to charge me. If I knew it could've been this easy, I wouldn't have procrastinated for about a year and a half! Hopefully this will save someone else the time and stress trying to decide on an Estate Planning Attorney. I'd highly recommend your search stops here. Thanks for everything!
JenWakefield, MA
Attorney Joseph Lento is outstanding and epitomizes every sense of the meaning a “true professional. “ My husband and I worked with him on several matters. He is not only extremely knowledgeable, organized and timely, but also generous with his time, explained everything in depth and made certain we understood every detail. He handled a situation that was difficult for us and executed it with ease, expertise, kindness and compassion. We honestly felt that we were in the right hands and well taken care of. We highly recommend attorney Joseph Lento!
ElaineWakefield, MA
My wife and I are very glad to have found Joseph, and hired him to create our estate planning documents. In addition to being professional and responsive at all times, he was a pleasure to work with. Joseph was very helpful and thorough throughout the entire process. We really enjoyed working with him and appreciated his flexibility with our schedules. I highly recommend Joseph and his services.
GregStoneham, MA
Joseph drafted the basic documents (will, DPOA, HCP, trust) needed for basic estate planning for me and my wife . He is personable and, in spite of his youthful looks, appears to be solid in his professional services. Joseph captured the essence of my wishes in the documents, and was always available to answer questions... I'm confident we got a fair deal for our money.
OscarMelrose, MA
Joseph helped my family and I complete estate planning documents. Pleasure to work with. Prompt and thorough with responses. Top notch service at an affordable price.
WaseemWoburn, MA
Should have done it sooner. Joe was great to work with! Met us after hours to meet our schedule. Made it all so easy. Answered many of our questions before we asked. I Will recommend him to anyone I know.
Thanks Joe.
RickWilmington, MA
Joe was a wonderful asset in planning our trust, power of attorney and medical proxy. He was knowledgable and answered all of my questions. He was a pleasure to work with.
JohnWoburn, MA
We approached Joseph to provide a will, trust and health care proxy, etc.; as my wife & I are in our 60s. Joseph took the care & time to explain the process and the benefits of how & what we were doing and the implications. He was professional in his approach and quite patient with us.
DonMelrose, MA
Excellent Service. I had Attorney J Lento draw up a Family Trust for my wife and I. The process was swift, questions we had were readily resolved. J Lento was very knowledgeable and professional. We found him because my sister-in-law had hired him for similar services and she was very happy as well. I would recommend him to others.
MichaelStoneham, MA



477 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180



Free Estate Planning Guide

Estate Planning Guide


Perennial Trust's Estate Planning Guide has been written for the busy family who understands the importance of setting up an estate plan, but has little time to get caught up in the complexities and legal jargon.


Within a few pages, you will learn the essentials of estate planning and how to best prepare your family for life's unexpected turns.


To receive your free estate planning guide, please enter your email below and then select "Get Your Free Guide."


3 Steps To Complete Your Plan:


  • 1. Schedule a Meeting

    Call (781) 202 - 6368, email jlento@perennialtrust.com, or schedule your meeting online by clicking "Schedule a Meeting" below.

  • 2. Learn your options

    Tell us what matters most to you and we'll walk you through everything you need to know in order to make well-informed decisions. 


  • 3. Execute Your Plan

    We'll put all the pieces in place to provide you with the final product - your personally tailored and comprehensive plan. 


Prefer to meet virtually? No problem.

Free Virtual Meetings Available:

9 AM to 7 PM (Mon-Fri)

Questions? Email JLento@perennialtrust.com


Free Estate Planning Organizer

Need to get your estate in order?  Download our free Estate Planning Organizer below.
Estate Planning Organizer

Organizer Summary:

While estate planning consists of various legal documents, it's also important for you to have an estate planning organizer to assist your loved ones in locating and handling your finances if something were to happen to you. By doing so, you can save your family from the hassle and stress of tracking down your assets, debts, and other important documents required to fulfill your wishes in a timely manner.


For that reason, we have created a free simple one-page estate planning organizer that you may download, print, and fill out at your leisure. To receive your free estate planning organizer, please enter your email below and then select "Get Your Free Estate Planning Organizer."

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How do I get started?
Schedule your first free meeting by emailing Attorney Joseph Lento at Jlento@perennialtrust.com or by calling our office at (781) 202 – 6368 – we always try our best to plan the meeting around your schedule, so please send a few times that work best for you and we can go from there.
What documents do I need to have with me for my first estate planning meeting?
If you have already completed an estate plan, then please bring a copy of those documents with you. Otherwise, no preparation is needed – just bring yourself and we’ll take care of the rest.
What are your office hours?
Attorney Joseph Lento can meet with you anytime between 8AM to 8PM, Monday-Friday. Although Saturday mornings are typically reserved for signings, if you absolutely cannot meet during a weekday then we will try our best to accommodate your schedule by trying to find time to meet with you on a Saturday morning. Meetings can take place at either your home or our office at 477 Main Street, Stoneham – whatever is most convenient for you.
What does the typical estate planning process look like? How long are the appointments?
Generally, the process consists of three meetings – the initial meeting usually takes somewhere between 20 to 40 minutes depending on how many questions you have and the complexity of your situation. The goal of the initial meeting is to gather the essential information to allow us to begin drafting your initial estate planning documents. The follow-up/review meeting can be done over the phone or in person and usually takes less than 20 minutes (however, some clients opt to send emails back and forth in lieu of the review meeting). The third and final meeting involves the signing/execution of your estate planning documents, which is around 20 minutes as well. So in total, the entire estate planning process may take less than 2 hours of your time when working with Perennial Trust.
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